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More than the Nabi Sculptor: Georges Lacombe
Known primarily as one of the Nabis sculptors, Georges Lacombe (1868–1916) was also an accomplished painter, and it is his painted works that this short article concentrates on. Born into an artistic family in Versailles, he underwent a religious education which succeeded in making him strongly anti-clerical. Although it... Read more
Beyond the French Impressionists: 7 Belgium, Théo van Rysselberghe
Théophile (Théo) van Rysselberghe (1862-1926) Born in Ghent, Belgium, he showed early aptitude for painting, and initially studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, before moving to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels in 1879. Realism to 1886 His early paintings were realist, in rather... Read more
Beyond the French Impressionists: 0 index of peri-Impressionists
This is an index of the 61 artists covered in this series to 9 July 2015. A total of 38 entries are given with an example painting, a short summary, and link to the article in which their career and work is detailed. A further 23 entries are shorter,... Read more
Trees in the landscape: 1. Introduction to the new series
Many of the finest landscape paintings consist of just three major elements: the sky, terrain, and trees. Some are little more than portraits of trees. In this new series of articles, I am going to concentrate on the depiction of trees by individual Western painters, where those trees form... Read more
Trees in the landscape: Index
Introduction – a broad survey from Rubens to van Rysselberghe. Individual artists covered in chronological order of their birth, oldest first: Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665): one of the founding fathers of landscape painting, most of his landscapes straddled genres and few are dominated by trees. He did, though, paint many... Read more
Trees in the landscape: 9. Théo van Rysselberghe and vibrant pines
Now best known as a Neo- and Post-Impressionist figurative painter, Théo van Rysselberghe was a keen yachtsman, painter of coastal scenes, and painted quite a few trees in his landscapes too. Other Neo-Impressionists also painted trees, but van Rysselberghe was fortunate enough to paint through and after the First... Read more
A painter’s journey by train
It is hard now for us to imagine just how much changed with the advent of the railway. Transport had been slowly improving, and the Industrial Revolution had coped remarkably well with natural waterways and artificial canals. It wasn’t until the first passenger railway opened between Stockton and Darlington... Read more
Into the Light: Henri Martin, the French Post-Impressionist 1
If you visit public buildings in Paris, and several of the provincial art galleries around the country, you may stumble across the remarkable paintings of Henri-Jean Guillaume Martin, normally simply known as Henri Martin (1860–1943). A few have made their way overseas, but his wonderful Post-Impressionist paintings remain largely... Read more
Coast: Introduction to a new series on landscape painting
The coast is where land, sea, and sky meet, bringing together three of the four ancient ‘elements’. When the weather’s fine, it is one of the most sought-after places to be. With the advent of modern forms of transport like steamboats and railways, huge numbers of people visited the... Read more
Coast: Visiting the beach
Our ancestors didn’t go to the beach for pleasure, not until the eighteenth century, and many didn’t get there until the nineteenth. Until then, the only people who saw much of the beach were those who worked there: fisherfolk and their families, mainly. With the Age of Enlightenment came... Read more