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Painting Reality: 7 Decline
As the nineteenth century drew to a close, Naturalist painting fell from favour. By the opening years of the new century, it was all but dead, and the few remaining Naturalists were shunned and scorned for not moving with the times. This article looks at what happened, and why... Read more
Painting Goethe’s Faust: 1 Faust meets the black dog
Part One of Goethe’s Faust opens with a short dedication, which starts to build the air of history and mystery for the play. This is followed by a curious prologue which is a prolonged aside between the play’s director, the dramatic poet, and a comic clown. The first real... Read more
All Out! Paintings of strikes
Many, perhaps most, artists have come from the working classes, and painted largely for the wealthy. In times of social unrest, they were faced with difficult choices. Had they taken up the social cause in their art, they would have risked the patronage which had enabled them to break... Read more