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Beyond the French Impressionists: 11 Denmark, Skagen Painters
Initially formed by Karl Madsen and Michael Ancher in the summer of 1874, this group of painters started meeting at Brøndums Gastgiveri, a guesthouse in the fishing village of Skagen, on the northern tip of Jutland (Jylland), Denmark. The group was initially reacting to the fixed styles of Historicism... Read more
Beyond the French Impressionists: 0 index of peri-Impressionists
This is an index of the 61 artists covered in this series to 9 July 2015. A total of 38 entries are given with an example painting, a short summary, and link to the article in which their career and work is detailed. A further 23 entries are shorter,... Read more
Coast: The drowned man
Wherever people go near bodies of water, some become submerged in that water, and drown. For those living and working on the coast, this is most likely to be the death of those who go to sea, the fishermen. Drowned fishermen are quite a common theme in visual art,... Read more
The Alhambra: 3 Landscapes 1886-1913
Landscape painters came to the Alhambra in the Andalucian city of Granada relatively late. But once they started to visit the Prado in Madrid to view and copy its magnificent collection of masters, a steady succession travelled south to paint the Moorish palaces of the Alhambra. Edmund Wodick (1816–1886),... Read more