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Misfit: Henri Fantin-Latour 1 First flowers
Painters of note in France during the latter half of the nineteenth century are generally quite easy to classify. There were Impressionists, some of whom became Divisionists and/or Post-Impressionists, Realists and Naturalists (whose work I have covered quite extensively here), the Nabis at the end of the century, and... Read more
Favourite Paintings 14: Artemisia Gentileschi, Allegory of Painting, c 1638-9
A distinctive presumed self-portrait of this exceptional woman painter, cropped close, from an unusual viewpoint, using chiaroscuro, colour, and the most amazing fabric textures. Painter Artemisia Gentileschi Painting Allegory of Painting (‘La Pittura’) Year c 1638-9 Media oil on panel Dimensions 98.6 x 75.2 cm (38.8 x 29.6 in)... Read more
Strength in Numbers 5: Conclusions
In the first article of this series, I showed what I mean by series paintings, defined some sub-types, and considered how and when they came about. The second article then examined Pissarro’s series paintings, the third those of Sisley, and the fourth those of Monet. This article summarises what... Read more
Hieronymus Bosch: Saint John on Patmos, Passion Scenes
A finely painted portrait of John of Patmos in a landscape, which was originally part of an altarpiece, with a reverse side showing scenes from the Passion of Christ. This is the earliest painting to bear Bosch’s signature, and may contain a caricature self-portrait. The Artist: Hieronymus Bosch (c... Read more