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Beyond the French Impressionists: 21 USA, Childe Hassam
Frederick Childe Hassam (1859-1935) Note: his surname is British, not Arabic, in origin, and he placed the stress on the first syllable, HASSəm. He was known to all though as Childe, pronounced as in child. Born in Dorchester, Boston, MA, in 1859, he studied the craft of wood engraving... Read more
Beyond the French Impressionists: 22 USA, Robinson, Twachtman, Weir
Although there were other American Impressionists, most of the remainder have slipped into relative obscurity. Here I will cover, a bit more briefly, three of those for whom there are still a reasonable number of good quality images freely available. The most prominent of all American Impressionists was, of... Read more
Beyond the French Impressionists: 25 Japan, Asai, Kuroda, Kume
The reputation and popularity of the art academies in Paris became truly international in the late nineteenth century. The best and brightest of talent from across the world came to learn at the École des Beaux-Arts, the Académies Julian and Colarossi, other lesser schools, and in ateliers, and the... Read more
Beyond the French Impressionists: 0 index of peri-Impressionists
This is an index of the 61 artists covered in this series to 9 July 2015. A total of 38 entries are given with an example painting, a short summary, and link to the article in which their career and work is detailed. A further 23 entries are shorter,... Read more
Carolus-Duran: Portraits and pupils 2
By the mid 1870s, Carolus-Duran had established himself as a portrait painter in Paris, and in 1874-75 had his first solo show at the Cercle des Mirlitons. Carolus-Duran (1837–1917), Portrait of Mademoiselle de Lancey (1876), oil on canvas, 157 × 211 cm, Le Petit Palais, Paris. Wikimedia Commons. Carolus-Duran... Read more
Coast: Wintering in Capri 2, from 1881
During the early and mid nineteenth century, a succession of artists had visited Capri and painted its coastline. These included several who had trained in Düsseldorf, Germany, and their works became most popular in both Germany and in the USA. Oswald Achenbach (1827–1905), View of Capri (1884), oil on... Read more