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Beyond the French Impressionists: 24 Australia, Roberts, Streeton, Conder
In the late 1880s, several painters started to work in the rural area of Heidelberg, east of Melbourne, adopting a style which later became known as Australian Impressionism. They came together in a momentous exhibition in the history of Australian art, the 9 by 5 Impression Exhibition, in Melbourne,... Read more
Beyond the French Impressionists: 0 index of peri-Impressionists
This is an index of the 61 artists covered in this series to 9 July 2015. A total of 38 entries are given with an example painting, a short summary, and link to the article in which their career and work is detailed. A further 23 entries are shorter,... Read more
Differing Views: the Palace of Westminster, London, England
The Palace of Westminster, the Houses of Parliament The present Houses of Parliament in London, so famous for their pinnacled roof and adjacent Big Ben, are less than 200 years old. A popular motif for painters from overseas, it is well situated on the ‘north’ bank (here, actually the... Read more
Book review and exhibition: Australia’s Impressionists, ed. Riopelle
“Australia’s Impressionists” Edited by Christopher Riopelle Yale UP and The National Gallery Press, November 2016 (US: February 2017) Hardback, 26.7 x 24.8 cm (10.5 x 9.8 in), 128 pp., £16.95/$30.00 ISBN 978 1 857 09612 5 Not available for Kindle, nor in the iTunes Store. Exhibition: Australia’s Impressionists, in... Read more
Coast: Strangeness on the strand
There are plenty of private beaches, but most of our coastline provides land which is free for anyone to use, in almost any imaginable way, within the law of the land. Most of us are content to lie down and read, snooze, sunbathe, play beach sports, or engage in... Read more
Fog: Turner to Homer
For much of the history of Western Art, one of its underlying principles has been to reveal rather than to hide. Atmospheric and other effects which tend to obscure the image being painted have generally been shunned. The great majority of landscape views, at least until the nineteenth century,... Read more
The Alhambra: 2 Landscapes 1767-1883
Given the very pleasant climate of Granada and the Alhambra, by rights it should have been painted as much as the Roman Campagna, which in the eighteenth century was the cradle of plein air oil painting, and the high school for landscape art in Europe. Yet the great pioneer... Read more