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Pushing it back: depth and repoussoir 2
In the first article of this pair yesterday, I explained and showed how trees to one side of the foreground of a painting strengthen the cues for depth, a compositional technique known as repoussoir, pushing back. This had become quite widely used by the end of the eighteenth century,... Read more
Pushing it back: depth and repoussoir 1
Repoussoir is a term you’ll see bandied about in writing about art, particularly landscape painting. It’s French for pushing back, and refers to compositional techniques used to make the distant parts of an image look further away and deeper into the picture. In this article and its sequel tomorrow,... Read more
Trees in the landscape: 12. Nicolas Poussin and his leafy oaks
As one of the founding fathers of the genre, Poussin’s landscapes invariably incorporate narrative, and are usually rich in trees too. Trees often frame his views in repoussoir, but seldom dominate his motifs. Few landscape painters since have not been deeply influenced by his pioneering paintings. Biography Nicolas Poussin... Read more
Pierre Bonnard: The world beyond
My final selection of paintings by Pierre Bonnard looks at one of his most interesting pictorial devices: the landscape view through French or other windows. Bonnard developed a taste for views from high points in his cityscapes of Paris during the last years of the nineteenth century. Many of... Read more