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Constantin Meunier 2 The sweat of their brow
Today, Constantin Meunier (1831–1905) is best known for his gritty paintings of coal mining and foundries in Belgium in the late nineteenth century, and his sculpture. He started to paint these motifs in 1880, when he was commissioned to paint industrial parts of the country. He continued to paint... Read more
Constantin Meunier 1: Cigar-making, fishermen, and family
In the late nineteenth century, there were many individual artists whose paintings didn’t really conform to any particular school, so defy classification. Constantin Meunier (1831–1905) is a good example: although many of his works have features in common with Naturalism, and he seems to have had connections with Naturalist... Read more
By the Sweat of their Brow – people at work 1
It was a long time before painters paid much attention to the working man and woman. When the Industrial Revolution swept through Europe during the latter half of the eighteenth century, a few artists were sufficiently moved by its visual effects as to commit them to canvas. Joseph Wright... Read more