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Yellow and pink and blue: I can make a Unicode standard too
I put quite a lot of effort into researching, composing, and publishing articles here, but sometimes that effort comes back to bite me. Last week, I published two articles about quarantine flags in macOS. I don’t normally use emojis in my posts here, and very seldom in their titles.... Read more
I have now returned this blog’s settings to normal again, which enables you to make comments to all articles published here. Please speak your mind again, and let’s hope that the spammers will stay away. Read more
I’m afraid that once again this blog is receiving a torrent of hundreds of attempts to post comment spam each day. To address this, as a temporary measure, I am blocking the posting of comments to any articles that are more than 40 days old. Please feel free to... Read more
I have now enabled commenting again on all articles posted here, including those over 40 days old. Please feel free once more. I apologise for the recent block to comments on older articles, but it seems to have done the trick, and chased the comment spammers away, for now. Read more
Due to a sudden torrent of comment spam, I have had to block adding comments to articles older than forty days. I apologise for this short interruption to the usual service, and will try to reverse this once those odious spammers have gone away again. Read more
The Decameron: The hundred and first story
It’s generally held that Boccaccio’s Decameron consists of a hundred stories told ten each day for a total of ten days. But there’s a bonus, the hundred and first story which is buried in Filostrato’s introduction to the fourth day. In some ways, this is the best known of... Read more
I have now enabled commenting on all articles again, in the hope that those posting comment spam have gone away. So please feel free to comment on whatever you wish. Read more
At present, this blog is being subjected to a very high volume of spam comments, advertising all sorts of products and being a thorough nuisance. For the next day or so, I am turning off the ability to comment on older articles. I apologise for this, and will enable... Read more
Macs: AFP548 – Mac sysadmin and server related MacScripter – AppleScript, Automator Swift blog – Apple’s new preferred programming language MacTeX – a superb distribution of TeX Technology: OpenDNS – free go-anywhere DNS and more Language: Alan Wood’s Unicode resources ScriptSource – writing systems and computers Multilingual Mac –... Read more
Are you a synaesthete – someone who experiences sensations in a different sense when experiencing other sensory modalities? For example, when you look at certain colours, do you hear musical tones or chords? Or experience smells or tastes when listening to music? If so, and you would be prepared... Read more