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Misfit: Henri Fantin-Latour 1 First flowers
Painters of note in France during the latter half of the nineteenth century are generally quite easy to classify. There were Impressionists, some of whom became Divisionists and/or Post-Impressionists, Realists and Naturalists (whose work I have covered quite extensively here), the Nabis at the end of the century, and... Read more
Forgotten Flower: In Memoriam Mary Moser
There had been societies of painters earlier in Britain, but it wasn’t until 1768 that British artists formed themselves into the Royal Academy of Arts. At a time when women were excluded from so many organisations, one surprising feature of the new Royal Academy was two founding women members:... Read more
Into the Light: Charles Demuth, Precisionism, and flowers
No time can ever have been an easy one for a professional painter, but the early twentieth century was more turbulent than most. If an artist did not reinvent and restyle their work every few years, they risked being dismissed as outdated. But some seemed to do that anyway,... Read more
Travellers among Mountains: the Six Masters of the Early Qing
Yesterday, I commemorated the three-hundredth anniversary of the death of one of the Six Masters of the early Qing period in China: Wú Lì, promising today to show the work of the other five. Wáng Shímǐn 王時敏 王时敏 (1592-1680) was one of Wú Lì’s Masters, and the oldest of... Read more