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Detail, the painterly, and the abstract: 2 Examples from the Masters
In the first article in this pair, I proposed the hypothesis that all representational paintings appear chaotic, even abstract if you must, if you zoom into them closely enough. But as you zoom out you reach a point where their marks organise into an image which our brains see... Read more
Detail, the painterly, and the abstract: 1 A matter of scale
For millenia, painting was representational to some degree. Although modern theorists like to talk in degrees of abstraction, the artist’s intent was to represent in paint some form of visual reality, whether tangible or imagined. The twentieth century brought paintings which didn’t set out to represent anything in particular,... Read more
Visible brushstrokes: 5. Book review: Brushstroke and Emergence, James D Herbert
“Brushstroke and Emergence: Courbet, Impressionism, Picasso” James D Herbert University of Chicago Press, November 2015 Hardback, 23.7 x 19.0 cm (9.3 x 7.5 in), 11+149 pp., £24.50/$35.00 ISBN 978 0 226 27201 6 Available for Kindle (£21.89/$33.15) and in the iTunes Store (£21.99). This is the book which has... Read more