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József Rippl-Rónai 2: Father of modern Hungarian painting
Before the end of the nineteenth century, the Hungarian Nabi József Rippl-Rónai (1861–1927) returned to his native country, settling in his home town of Kaposvár by 1902. József Rippl-Rónai (1861–1927), Nice Landscape in the Pyrenees (1899), oil on cardboard, 69.5 x 99.5 cm, Ottó Herman Museum, Miskolc, Hungary. Wikimedia... Read more
More than the Nabi Sculptor: Georges Lacombe
Known primarily as one of the Nabis sculptors, Georges Lacombe (1868–1916) was also an accomplished painter, and it is his painted works that this short article concentrates on. Born into an artistic family in Versailles, he underwent a religious education which succeeded in making him strongly anti-clerical. Although it... Read more
Favourite Paintings 10: Paul Signac, Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde (La Bonne-Mère), Marseille, 1905-6
A luminous painting of the port of Marseille in dawn light, looking up towards the ‘Good Mother’ church, marks the height of both Neo-Impressionism and Fauvism. Painter Paul Victor Jules Signac Painting Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde (La Bonne-Mère), Marseille Year 1905-6 Media oil on canvas Dimensions 88.9 x 116.2 cm (35 x... Read more
From pigment to painting: 4 Hue, I can sing a Rainbow
After lightness comes hue… A strip range of hues, also changing lightness but constant chroma. Terms Hue is the type of colour, such as red, yellow, etc., or a mixture of colours forming an intermediate. More formally it is the degree to which a perceived colour is similar to... Read more
Beyond the French Impressionists: 3 The Macchiaioli, Giovanni Fattori
Giovanni Fattori (1825-1908) Initially apprenticed to a local painter in Livorno, Fattori was sent by his father to Florence to study art in 1846. Once there he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts. He engaged in various liberal and progressive groups there, including what were at first informal... Read more
Book Review: Georges Seurat The Art of Vision, Michelle Foa
“Georges Seurat: The Art of Vision” Michelle Foa Yale UP, 2 June 2015 Hardback, 21.3 x 26.2 cm (8.4 x 10.3 in), 235 pp., £45.00/$65.00 ISBN 978 0 300 20835 1 Not available for Kindle nor in the iTunes Store. As the originator of Neo-Impressionism and its Divisionist or... Read more
Into the Light: Marsden Hartley, 1 experiments to 1921
I’ll admit that I was put off Marsden Hartley (1877–1943) by his early abstracts, but a little further research showed that he actually painted many landscapes, particularly later in his career. In this article and the next, I will concentrate on those more representational works. Born Edmund Hartley, in... Read more
Tom Thomson: Canada from a Canoe, 1916
The most important task that Tom Thomson had during the winter of 1915-16 was to paint a set of decorative panels for his patron’s cottage near Georgian Bay, which he had measured up during the previous summer. Tom Thomson (1877–1917), Decorative Panel (I) (1915-16), oil on Beaverboard, 120.8 x... Read more