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Medium Well Done: 5 Watercolour and gouache
Watercolour is the most inappropriately-named of the popular painting media. Oil paint uses drying oils as its binder, egg tempera uses the yolk of eggs, and glue tempera various types of glue. Water is, of course, not the binder in watercolour, but the diluent, used to turn blocks of... Read more
The coming year in painting: Degas, Murillo, and more
The new year has some anniversaries of major painters which I will be marking with articles here. Here is a sampling of some of the painters whose work I will be looking at, and a few examples of the paintings in store for the coming year. Of these anniversaries,... Read more
Alexander Cozens: experimental painter – his tercentenary
Landscape painting blossomed into the most popular genre in the nineteenth century, thanks largely to pioneers in the previous two centuries. One of those pioneers developed methods which were not fully realised until the twentieth century, and this year marks the three hundredth anniversary of his birth: he is... Read more
Wet in wet: a brief history of watercolour – 1, origins to 1800
Of the most popular painting media, watercolour is the most inappropriately-named. Oil paint uses drying oils as its binder, which locks the pigment particles onto the ground; I have summarised its history here. Pastels are sticks of pigment and filler which are applied to a ground and adhere mechanically;... Read more