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The Balcony: Outside In
Balconies have been a valuable device in painting, and this weekend I’m going to look at two groups of views which use them with effect. This article looks from outside the balcony towards it, and the interior behind; tomorrow I’ll reverse that and look at views from a balcony,... Read more
In Memoriam Helen Hyde, American Japoniste
I only occasionally feature prints here, largely because I have never made any myself and don’t have the same practical feel for them as I do for painting. But here I’d like to remember a pioneering print-maker, the American Helen Hyde (1868-1919), who died a century ago today on... Read more
Favourite Paintings 8: Berthe Morisot, La Lecture (Reading), 1888
This Impressionist essay on light, colour, and tranquillity features vivacious brush work; in taking art into everyday family life, it heralds art for all. Painter Berthe Marie Pauline Morisot Painting La Lecture (Reading) Year 1888 Media oil on canvas Dimensions 74.3 x 92.7 cm (29.25 x 36.5 in) Collection... Read more
Illusions of reality: the paintings of Jean-Léon Gérôme
I have already considered some of the highly detailed and ‘finished’ paintings of Jean-Léon Gérôme in the context of narrative. In taking me back to look at his work again, I realised that there was a lot more that needs to be said. I will here try to cover... Read more
Degas’ Circle: Mary Cassatt, 1 Early days
The most significant anniversary this year in art history is the centenary of the death of Edgar Degas (1834-1917). In preparation for a series in which I will try to cover his work, I thought it might be useful to look at the art of some of those who... Read more
Degas’ Circle: Mary Cassatt, 2 Painter and print-maker
Mary Cassatt (1844–1926) worked hard to master her print-making techniques during the winter of 1879-80, under the guidance of her mentor and close friend Edgar Degas (1834–1917). Some of her incentive came from the collaborative project involving Degas, Cassatt, Pissarro, and others to produce a journal of their prints.... Read more
Degas’ Circle: Mary Cassatt, 3 Prints perfected
In April 1880, Edgar Degas withdrew from a major project in which he, Mary Cassatt, Pissarro, and others were to publish a joint print journal. Cassatt was naturally upset by this, and for a while her relationship with Degas cooled. She continued to develop her print-making, but her paintings... Read more
Edgar Degas: A life in twelve paintings
Later this month, we will be remembering the life and work of Hilaire Germain Edgar Degas, who died a century ago. Degas is not my favourite artist of the group known as the French Impressionists, but is one of the most fascinating painters, draughtsmen, and print-makers of the nineteenth... Read more
Edgar Degas: Portraits of the Modern Woman
More than half of Edgar Degas’ total output shows dancers or scenes of ballet, of which almost all feature exclusively women and girl dancers. Of the remainder of his works, a large proportion primarily or exclusively depict women. Thus the great majority of Degas’ drawings, paintings, and prints are... Read more
Edgar Degas: an appreciation
Exactly one hundred years ago today, 27 September, Edgar Degas died in Paris. Over the last few weeks, I have published a series of articles looking at his life and key works, small selections of his works by theme, and related topics. Those articles are listed at the end... Read more