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Beyond the French Impressionists: 16 Britain, Turner, Steer
Compared with most other European countries, Impressionism largely passed British painters by. This is surprising given the popularity and influence of John Constable and JWM Turner earlier in the nineteenth century, and the presence of two American painters of great distinction and popularity in London: John Singer Sargent (in... Read more
Pre-Raphaelite Landscapes 6: British landscape painting in the 19th century
Having completed my short survey of Pre-Raphaelite landscape painting, its characteristics, and difficulties, in this article I’d like to try to set it in the context of British landscape painting during the nineteenth century. This necessarily starts with the major works of John Constable. Although he sketched extensively in... Read more
Pre-Raphaelite Landscapes 7: Ruskin’s role
The nineteenth century saw great change in painting, and in the role of art critics. Previously the major external influences over painting were patrons and purchasers, and other painters through their guilds and societies. In the nineteenth century, people who were neither professional artists, nor those funding an artist,... Read more