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The Nabis: 1 Beginnings
Over the last few months, I have systematically worked through the careers and work of those painters who have been associated with the Nabis. Viewed individually, it’s hard to assemble a picture of where they came from, what the Nabis were, and where they went. In this and the... Read more
Paul Sérusier: 1 The Talisman
One of the Nabis who seems to be remembered for but a single painting is Paul Sérusier (1864–1927), who is also claimed to be a “pioneer of abstract art”. He was certainly unusual among the Nabis for his style, which was closer to that of Gauguin than the rest... Read more
Pont-Aven Artists’ Colony: a brief history – 2, Gauguin and Bernard
By 1886, the village of Pont-Aven in Brittany was the centre of a vibrant international artists’ colony, which attracted painters from all over Europe and North America. Although many of them became well-known in their day, few were destined to be ranked among the most important painters of the... Read more
Coast: The harvest of the sea
Humans have probably harvested and used seaweed ever since they started to live on the coast. One of the few ‘crops’ confined to the coast, seaweed is a distinctive feature of Japanese cuisine, now popular worldwide in sushi, for instance. In the past, seaweed was used extensively in coastal... Read more
Gleaners, Markets and Scientists: Paintings of Léon Lhermitte 1
Among the many wonderful paintings in the Musée d’Orsay, in Paris, is a large canvas showing a sprawling group of farmworkers being paid for their labour during the harvest. For many, this is the only work by Léon Augustin Lhermitte (1844–1925) which they will ever see. There are also... Read more